Earth in 1999, the Unidentidied Ray flutter down.

“Here is the Earth,” said the Ray.
The ray took off the veil, thare is a woman who put on mysterious dress.
“I’m here, at last. I’ve never thought that moving across from galaxy to galaxy is so far. By the way, what a beautiful planet! It’s a good place to the sights of us.” A woman said.
“Now isn't that a funny flying object. Could it be that intelligent life is living on Earth? If so, I should greet my new friends.” Princess Andromeda said as she descended to the ground.
“So this is an Earthling city.” She looked around her.
“She came from the sky…” the townsfolk said.
“This city is filthy! It is a most unbecoming place for one such as I. It desperately requires a thorough cleaning posthaste.” the Princess said.
Within eyeshot were some punks ? one of whom spat on sidewalk.
“Wait,” the Princess commanded them with a criticizing tone. “You spat on the a road. Have you no shame that you would make your city dirty?”
“Who do you think you are, huh!?” the punk shouted back.
“Doubtless your uncleanliness is unmatched. I, the Princess of Andromeda, command you! Lick your saliva off the road, swiftly and cleanly, you reprobate!” Princess snapped back.
“Hahaha! This chick’s crazy!” the punks laughed.
“If I reject, how do you?” The punk said and shoved her.
Princess of Andromeda also slap back him.
……The roar like a thunderbolt, sounded a whole town, The punk was flying and breaking the sonic barriar!
Then, he banged a car and crumped.
“Oh, I slap him for the purpose of admonition, although he has broken. The earthling is so fragile,” she said coldly.
"Jesus," the another punk said, “Sorry! Sorry! Swiftly and cleanly! I will lick my saliva!” He said and licked his saliva off the road soon.
“Well done,” Princess said him with a smile.
After a few minutes, She heard an approaching siren.
“Don’t move! We’re the police!” said the voice.
Princess of Andromeda looked around her, there were a lot of patrol cars and policemen.
“We will arrest you for murder!” the Policeman shouted.
Princess of Andromeda turned around. “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know that he was such a fragile life,” she calmly said and took a step forward.
“Stay back! You monster!!” the policeman shot at her.
The bullet hit her brow. Princess cried, “Ouch!!”
She held a hand to her brow and roared with anger, “What have you done!!”
The Twin Beam penetrated the policeman’s forehead. It came from her eyes.
The policeman fell down and a pool of blood formed on the ground around him.
It’s terrible - Princess of Andromeda fires beams from her eyes when she gets angry.
“You heartless bastard!!” the policemen fired a gun to her.
Countless bullets were fired at the Princess of Andromeda. However, she covered her head and body with her arms, so she was almost undamaged.
“Huh, You’re actually the punks’ men!” the princess roared.
“Get out of here!” As soon as her right hand flashed, the police cars and policemen were blown off the road. There was a large mushroom cloud in the center of city.
“This is the Flare, I can manipulate the natural disaster of space. The explosion just a little while ago is 1/100000000 of my max power. You lower animals on a primitive planet cannot become even my enemy.” The princess kindly explained them.
And she added, “However, My purpose is not a slaughter of earthlings. Don't disturb my earth development project. If so, I will not attack you earthlings.”
“Is she an alien?” The police officer said.
“Can the alien arrest?” A policeman asked the officer.
“I don’t know,” the officer replied.
The officer added, “however, we cannot control this alien. We are not the ghost buster. If we bring her into a detention cell, it will be destroyed. The other way is…”
He has run away at full speed. “I'll win unless defeated!” the officer shouted from a distance.
“Officer!” “You chicken!” the policemen roared with anger. But they ran away too.
“At last the nuisances have left, and I can execute my plan,” the Princess of Andromeda said.
Suddenly, a lot of bombs fell down from the sky, and there were many explosions around the Princess of Andromeda.
“What’s happening!?” she screamed.
Three aircrafts were flying over her head and dropped a lot of bombs on her.
“The USA is strongest!!” One of pilots exclaimed.
“Did you say something?” said the voice.
An unbelievable story. Although the aircraft was flying at the supersonic speed, the Princess of Andromeda was looking at him from outside the cockpit. His eyes jumped!
He has been swallowed with an aircraft into a flash of flare.
As soon as some missiles came toward her, but they also faded into a flash. After a moment, they exploded.

In the US military commander room;
“Oh no, the alien is unharmed!” one of the operators said the president.
“Shit!” the president shouted and banged on a desk.
“The little bastard. This is my territory, so we never lets the alien have their own way. Launch a nuclear missile! Kill!!” the president yelled out anger, and pressed the nuclear missile’s button.
After a while, the large missile was, fineally, approaching her.
“It’s useless,” the Princess of Andromeda murmured and then the bombed struck.
…A second sun appeared over the city. Moment later, it was covered by a enormous mushroom-shaped cloud.
“Serves her right! Hahaha!” The president and the surrounding officers jumped for joy.
But, then the room's lights went dark.

The princess of Andromeda got angry and became enraged like a stove.
She released her true power, and exploded half of the earth!!
“Oops, I lost my temper,” she murmured as she looked at the broken earth.
“There's no other way, I have no choice but to leave the earth to the planet's janitors,” she sadly said and left from there.
A few fears later, There was the “Cyborg Earth”. The broken earth had been repaired by the great technology of the Andromeda empire.
Then, the earthlings also had to be revived, and brainwashed to become pure in heart.
Finally, the war ended on earth, and peace came.

It’s the happy end.
Copyright (C) Enin (Eito Fujimi) 2006-2017 All Rights Reserved.