“Immediately, we’ll execute an enemy of the Holy Justice Empire,” Father Barlow said.
“Oh…oh my god,” grieved a girl, called Mecseta, who was restrained under a guillotine. “Help me, I don’t know anything. I’m absolutely not the witch! Please, believe me!”
“Shut up, witch! You surely confessed that you’re the witch,” Father Barlow expressed.
“No! No! You forced―“ Mecseta screamed, but Father Barlow interrupted in the middle of her said.
“Go to Hell,” he put coldly.
The “edge of retribution” came down. Too easily, her head fell onto the ground.

Since antiquity, people believed that Demons brought disaster and plague.
Rulers arrested and judged people who were suspected of being Demons.

Some time later,
“Immediately,” Father Barlow, who quite became old, shouted loudly. “We’ll execute an enemy of the Holy Justice Empire,”
The witch hunt continued still. The difference from before: using fire and not a guillotine.
“The witch hunt is still being held there”, “She is a 10th victim”, “Perhaps, they broke her fingers to get a confession”, people whispered.
“Wait, wait, wait!” shouted the voice.
Father Barlow and the surrounding soldiers turned. There was a middle-aged man, perhaps he’s the father of the girl being called a witch.
“My daughter, surely, isn’t the witch! Please, believe me!!” cried the middle-aged man.
“We shall decide whether she is the witch. Because we’re the holy apostles of God. Why should we have a mistake?” Barlow said. “We brought her to a fair trial. Sure enough, she admitted the charge. It’s an absolute proof. You should thank us for relieving the people, for killing the evil witch who will ruin our town.”
“You bastard―“ he felt a heavy impact on his head when he shouted.
…There is a scarlet cavity on his forehead.
“You brat, you must be the Demon’s pawn,” Father Barlow said coldly.
“dad…?” the bound girl moaned as she looked at the middle-aged man on the ground.
“Before we started this witch hunt, a witch’s curse was killing a million people every year. Protecting a witch is a serious crime.” Barlow told.
He pointed at his back and said, “Look at our backs. Can you see? The spirits of victims who have been killed by the witch’s curse…”
However, none of the people could see it.
“No, I can’t see it at all,” said a voice.
“Hmm… Come again?” Barlow said in an intentionally low voice.
There was a girl who wore a black dress like darkness of the Abyss.
“You the religious organisation has been steady. Besides, burning at the stake is a cruel execution. At this time, although you decapitated me once and for all,” she said.
“Who are you?” Father Barlow asked her.
“The witch―” she answered him. “My name is Mecseta, and I’m the true witch. Sorry that you’ve made a terrible mistake. Putting the curse of the Black Death on this town, It was my handiwork.”
Father Barlow and the surrounding soldiers were stiffened.
“Mecseta…?” Barlow knitted his brows.
The witch, who called herself Mecseta, pointed at the bound girl.
“She never did any evil, but you forced a confession out of her and framed her to be the witch. Ahh… What a cold-blooded men!” Mecseta said while she sneered at them.
The people buzzed.
“We witches are scared of human like you. Ah, this is scary,” Mecseta said as a joke.
Suddenly, someone put their hand on her shoulder.
“What?” Mecseta turned, and there she saw many soldiers of the religious organisation.
“Hang her,” said Father Barlow.
“Oh my God―“ Mecseta shouted in a funny voice as she was hanged soldiers of the religious organisation.
“You the witch, how are you feeling you’re gonna be burned at the stake now?” Barlow whispered her while he ridiculed her.
She answered him, “Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of the men under you. Because they’re gonna be burned at the stake now."
“Talked nonsense. Did you go mad with a fear of death? That’s enough, kill!” put Barlow coldly.
“Yes sir,” a soldier threw a torch to her.
Into strong flame, Screamed the voice, and bursted Mecseta.
However, the amazing thing is that a burned Mecseta came out from the strong flame as if nothing had happened.
Father Barlow and his soldier dropped open their mouth.
Then, she who was burning, hugged one of soldiers, he then also went up in flames.
“Gyyyyyahhhhhhhhh!!” shouted a soldier.
“Did you understand any better? How painful did witches feel when they’re burned. Don’t burn people at the stake. Aha!” said Mecseta with a mad smile. “So, do you hear?”
The soldier who burned the toast black had never answered, because he already had died.
It was too unrealistic scene ― Father Barlow and his soldiers who saw it were being stunned.
“She’s not human. She’s a monster, no, she’s the witch!!” cried a soldier.
“Yes, I am the witch, what are you gonna do abet it? Try to kill me?” Mecseta said, and gave Father Barlow a broad smile. But there was an element of irony in her words. “What, you can’t do it? Surely you, of the Great Justice church do not fear a single witch like myself?”
“You’re rude!” shouted Father Barlow. He ordered his soldiers: “Don't flinch, you brave soldiers of the God! You are in the care of Providence. Draw the Holy Sword, and slash the witch!”
Although countless swords attacked Mecseta, she was still laughing.
“Oh, no.” Mecseta swung her right arm horizontally.
Then, unbelievably, the soldiers of the religious organisation split from top to bottom. Then, down came the bloody rain, around here.
“What…?” When Father Barlow saw it, he had eyes like saucers.
Mecseta’s right arm transformed into a battle-axe that was bigger than her body, and a large quantity of blood had dropped from the edge.
“Oh, my God! We can’t possibly win!” the frightened soldiers said as they began running away from Mecseta. Father Barlow tried to run away as well, but he couldn’t, because Mecseta was already waiting in front of him.
“No way, you'll never be able to escape! and only you.” murmured Mecseta, and began laughing madly. “Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.”
“Nooooooo!!” shouted Father Barlow, panicking, and prayed, “Oh, my God. Please deliver me from the Demon.”
Suddenly, Father Barlow sat down, and put his forehead on the ground. He was sitting in Japanese ‘Dogeza’ style. He pleaded with Mecseta. “I’m sorry! I've been horrible! I will never hunt a witch again! So please don't get any more angry with me!”
“Huh?” Mecseta said astonished.
“I’ll confess to a crime," Father Barlow began. "There is a disaster of black death in this country, the source is unknown, so reluctantly, I had to passed a death sentence on all suspicious people one by one…” Father Barlow cried. He was close to tears.
“All the priests reacted the same way; they begged for their life to be spared. When I used magic and killed the priests for the first time, I slashed their necks, as you did me.” said Mecseta, with a evil smile.
“It was a extremely pleasant feeling,” Mecseta grinned. "Now, allow me to take revenge. It’s finally time to pay for your unforgivable sin!” Mecseta said bitterly. She raised her right arm, which held a bloodstained battle-axe.
Suddenly, Mecseta felt a sharp pain in her back.
“Ah…?” She faintly said. A bloodstained blade was now penetrated through her stomach. The soldier behind her had stabbed his sword through her back.
“Finish her off!!” shouted Father Barlow.
He drew his hidden sword, stabbing it in Mecseta’s heart.
“That'll teach you! Taste the Holy Sword! Hahahahaha!!” Father Barlow bellowed.
“Ahhhhhhh!!” shouted the voice.
Father Barlow was stunned with eyes like saucers. The amazing thing is that although two swords had penetrated Mecseta’s body, she was not dead. Besides, she had slashed the behind soldier. Using her right arm, that is, battle-axe.
“A consolation prize ―” Mecseta murmured quietly with her bloodstained mouth.
Sounded wind noise. Father Barlow looked at Mecseta’s axe, between his feet. And then, in his eyes, Mecseta seemed as if she was splitting like chopped wood.
“Is this the Holy Sword? It couldn’t be. This is an ordinary iron sword. Have you not been deceived?” Mecseta told him with a laugh.
The next moment, Father Barlow was split perfectly in half, like a piece of wood being chopped.

In the Pandaemonium.
“Good job once again on your human-hunting today, Mecseta. However I hoped you would destroy the whole town. Why do you always avoid killing the ordinary people?” said Satan.
“You Demons kill humans just to claim their souls. I’m not like that. I just want to destroy the Holy Justice Empire. Just for my revenge, I sold my soul to the Demons, to become a witch.” Mecseta told Satan, drinking wine as scarlet as blood.
“And your family’s souls too. Isn’t that right?” said Satan with a horrific smile.
“I don’t want to remember the bad thing.” Mecseta said and knitted her brows.

The end.
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