One day, in Jounouchi’s residence.
“Fa…Father-in-law,” said Souichirou, who was sitting on the floor in the Japanepe ‘Seiza’ style. He added, “Please give me the hand of your daughter Akiko!”
“Don’t be cheeky, young man!!” shouted Masamune, who is Akiko’s father. Then he hit Souichirou on the head. His head was beaten against a low table, and the table was split.
“Enough of your jokes! I won’t let you have my dear daughtar! I heard you've never had a job! Give you Akiko’s hand? Even though you’re a little bastard? Even if the world is destroyed I’ll never agree to your marriage with Akiko! Nonetheless, if you still wanna get married, beat me, and you can wed my dear Akiko.” Masamune bellowed.
“Then don’t hesitate, Hmph!!” Souichirou quickly stood up! Then, immediately, he punched Masamune’s stomach many times.
“Uph!!” Masamune sank to his knees, and vomited all that he had eaten.
“Don’t get carried away, sucker,” murmured Souichirou coldly.
Akiko opened her eyes reluctantly when she saw the violent scene.
“I’ve never had a job but my family background is a small exception. My father is the boss of a gang, so a lot of killers have been waiting for the chance to attack him and our family everyday,” Souichirou said coldly as he glared at Masamune fiercely.
“My home is like a battlefield, I’ve had many terrible experiences. I’m a warrior. A middle-aged man like you is no match for me. Hyahhah-!!” Souichirou laughed.
The next moment, Souichirou felt as if he was hit in his head with a brick.
“What…?” Souichirou moaned.
“How could you do that to my father? You unruly beasts!” shouted Akiko. “I thought you were a decent man. But if you hurt my father, you’ll go to hell!”
Akiko was gripping a iron hammer, and she raised it.
The iron hammer down, striking hard on Souichirou’s head.
Hate begets hate, violence begets violence.
Hurting other people is as foolish an act as hurting oneself.
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